The 5 Type of Office Spaces – Which is Right for your Business?

With the rise of hybrid working, the concept of traditional office space has changed significantly. As the demand for flexibility and agility grows, more businesses are exploring alternative options beyond the conventional office space and lease offerings.

In this blog post, we explore the different types of office spaces so you can choose the best option for your business.

types of office space

1. CoWorking Spaces

CoWorking office illustration

CoWorking spaces have gained tremendous popularity in recent years due to their collaborative environment and flexibility. These often-shared offices provide an open-plan layout that encourages interaction and networking among diverse professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Key Benefits

Networking Opportunities

CoWorking spaces bring together individuals from various industries, fostering valuable connections, and potential collaborations.


They typically offer flexible membership options, enabling businesses to scale up or down as needed.


Renting a CoWorking space eliminates the need for long-term lease commitments and associated overhead costs. At the same time CoWorking office space occupiers benefit from a fixed business address in a shared building with a diverse range of tenants and members.

Who are they for?

CoWorking spaces cater to freelancers, entrepreneurs with early-stage start-ups, and small businesses seeking a vibrant community and a cost-effective solution. Occupants would generally opt for a six-month commitment and are charged on a month-to-month basis.

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2. Private Offices

Private Office Spaces

Private offices offer dedicated spaces within a larger shared environment. These enclosed offices provide privacy, personalisation, and increased focus for businesses that require an exclusive working area.

Key Benefits

Privacy and Concentration

They offer a secluded setting, allowing teams to work without distractions and maintain confidentiality.


Members can personalise their office space, reflecting their brand identity and creative office culture.

Shared Amenities

Private office users often have access to shared facilities, such as meeting and conference rooms, kitchen areas, and common spaces and phone booths.

Who are they for?

Private offices are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that require dedicated space, privacy or for companies operating a hybrid working policy.

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3. Managed Offices

Managed Office illustration

Managed offices offer an alternative to the market between traditional leases and flexible options. These office spaces are typically customised to meet the specific requirements of a business, while still providing the convenience and flexibility of a serviced office. They generally offer a larger amount of square footage across a single plan private floor plate.

Key Benefits

Tailored Spaces

Businesses can work closely with the office provider to design and customise the office layout to their specific branding, work styles and team structure.

Dedicated Support

Managed office providers regularly offer on-site management and maintenance services, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations with ease.

Long-Term Stability

While offering flexibility, managed offices provide more stability and security compared to short-term leases or CoWorking spaces.

Who are they for?

Managed offices are suitable for growing businesses that require a dedicated office space tailored to their unique requirements such as micro-kitchens, executive offices and phone booths, while still valuing flexibility and convenience.

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Serviced Offices

Serviced Office illustration

Serviced offices are fully furnished and equipped workspaces that are ready for immediate occupation by tenants once a Licence Agreement has been signed by the tenant and landlord/service provider. These spaces provide businesses with a hassle-free solution, as all essential amenities and services are managed by the office provider and no fit out cost is required by the client.

Key Benefits


Serviced offices come fully equipped with furniture, IT infrastructure, and administrative support, saving time and resources for businesses.

Flexible Terms

Tenants can opt for short-term leases and easily scale up or down as their needs change, without being tied to long-term commitments.

Professional Image

Serviced offices are often located in prestigious office buildings and business districts, enhancing a company’s reputation and brand perception.

Who are they for?

Serviced offices cater to businesses of all sizes and industries, especially those seeking a turnkey solution with minimal setup and maintenance responsibilities. These office types are popular choices among tech, financial and ISO accredited organisations.

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5. Full Headquarters (HQ)

Full Headquarters (HQ) illustration

A full HQ is a self-contained office space that serves as the company’s primary base. This might encompass an entire building or simply one or two floors in the premises. This type of space can be customised to reflect a company’s culture and brand. Full HQs are typically leased for a period of three to five years with the minimum lease period averaging at 24 months.

Key Benefits

Brand Identity

A full HQ allows businesses to create a cohesive and consistent brand image across the entire workspace.

Privacy and Control

Having a full HQ provides maximum privacy and control over the office environment, ensuring confidentiality and security.

Team Cohesion

Having all team members under one roof promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a strong place for talent to see as a core location that embodies the corporate culture and values.

Who are they for?

Full HQs are primarily suitable for established businesses with a sizeable workforce, specific operational requirements.

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Businesses now have numerous options to choose from based on their unique needs. By understanding the different office options, businesses can make informed decisions that align with their goals, culture, and budgetary considerations.

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Spaces Donnybrook House

location Dublin
user 1-100

HQ/Full floor plate, Private Office, Serviced Offices


Pearse Street, Making it Work

location Dublin
user 1-45

HQ/Full floor plate


The View , Malahide

location Dublin
user 1-20

CoWorking, Dedicated Desk, Serviced Offices


Iveagh Court, WeWork

location Dublin 2
user 1-60

HQ/Full floor plate, Managed Office


Riverside Two, Making it Work

location Dublin 2
user 100+

HQ/Full floor plate


School House Lane, Virdis Offices

location Dublin 2
user 21-60

Private Office, Serviced Offices

from € 750 pp/m

16 Sir John Rogersons Quay, Whitefire Offices

location Dublin 2
user 11-45

HQ/Full floor plate, Managed Office

from € pp/m

24 Baggot Street Upper, WorkHub

location Dublin
user 1-30

Private Office, Serviced Offices

from € 550 pp/m

5 Harcourt Road, WeWork

location Dublin
user 1-20

CoWorking, Serviced Offices


Hamilton House

location Dublin 2
user 1-20

Private Office, Serviced Offices

from € 650 pp/m